Best Global Maps for Your Wall

We look at the best maps of the world for you to put on your wall. Can you choose just one?

I love looking at maps. With maps, you can daydream and explore the world without leaving your living room. Plan trips to new destinations.  And a traditional map won’t hurt your eyes like staring at a map on a screen.  Maps and globes also make great gifts for the traveller in your life.


Looking at such cartography can be a journey in and of itself, but what are the best maps for you?

Cheap maps are easy to find, but pay a little more and you’ll have something that you’ll be proud to hang on your wall.

As you’re contemplating which world map to get, it would be good to consider the following:

  • Material—There are various materials.  You might consider something that’s laminated or canvas for durability.
  • Size—Measure the space that you want to put it in and see what fits. Remember that the larger it is, the more expensive and yet more detailed it is likely to be. (But not always.)
  • Borders—How accurate do you want your globe or map to be?  Some globes or maps are more about looks and aesthetics rather than the most precisely-drawn borders.
  • Coloring—This detail is clearly a personal preference.  The two most common color schemes for maps and globes are blue oceans with colorful countries or an old world look with more browns and earth tones all around.
  • Focus—For those in the U.S., there’s always the question of whether to show all fifty states with distinct borders and colors. Most world maps are centered on the Atlantic Ocean, but a Pacific Centered map is also an option.

Without further ado, here are the best maps and globes for your home or office:


World and USA Classic Premier 3D Two Wall Map Set (Laminated)

These are the maps that I used to have hanging on my walls.  Great size (24″ by 36″) and great detail so that you can catch every nook and cranny of the U.S. and the world.

These are printed on quality paper to make sure they last a long time.  You won’t be rebuying these maps over and over again.  And unlike the maps I used to have, these are laminated on both sides to extend their life even further.

In addition to that, the lamination allows you to use a dry erase marker to write and mark on the maps in any way you see fit.  You can plan a route, mark your dream destinations, or keep track of where you’ve been.

Not only are these maps accurate, detailed, and up to date,  they also have 3D ocean and land topographic shading, so mountains, valleys, and other heights are clearly and beautifully presented.  These are not just maps to stick in your kid’s room.

The maps use the common and popular Miller Projection, which is used to reduce the distortion of land masses close to the poles. In other words, for a flat surface map, the countries are going to appear as accurately as possible.

For those new to the map world, this is a perfect starter set.  It’s inexpensive and high quality.  For those who have bought maps in the past, this is a suitable basic set for you, too.



Map of the World Painting

Available in two different sizes (20” X 40” and 24” X 48”), this map is a work of art.  Laid out on canvas, its beautiful and stunning colors are sure to enhance any room. Serene blues and stunning golds bring both a feeling of peace and excitement.

Not only does this map look good, it is high quality.  The canvas is waterproof and UV-resistant.  The company behind this beauty—youkiswall art—promises the colors will stay bright and vibrant for 50 years.

There’s no trouble getting this map mounted on your wall either.  A metal hanging hook comes attached.

People who bought this map tend to be excited about its vivid colors and the compliments they receive from their friends who see it. I hope you’re not buying a map to impress people, but they’ll be impressed with this one none-the-less.

Being art first and foremost, this map lacks the detail of others on this list.  But if you care more about the look than the cartographic details, this is one to consider.



GeoJango Pushpin World Map

This map is in the running for best of the best. It comes with stunning detail. It features award winning terrain modeling, which means you’ll be able to get a deep understanding of the feel of the places you’re looking at that you can’t from other maps.

And of all its features, the one that I like most is the inclusion of 100 colored map pins (in a pin case) for you to signify your past and future journeys.

The research that went into this map ensures its accuracy and quality.  The map itself was created by a professional cartographer / geographer.

This map is filled with thousands of details and is designed to encourage further exploration.  Not only does it show countries and cities, but it also has marked landmarks and other details.  For example, did you know that the Congo Rain Forest is the second largest rain forest in the world?

You can also learn about ocean currents, ancient trading routes, and so much more.

The materials are just as high quality as the cartography.  It is printed on satin paper and mounted to Gatorboard, which is a material with a very hard outer surface and is warp resistant. In other words, this is a high quality product that’s going to last a long time.

The one we featured here is only 26” X 20” framed (and 24” X 18” unframed), but it’s is stunning in its detail and look.

However, if that sounds too small for you, the makers of this map, GeoJango, have other sizes (and colors) available too.  Choose the one that best for you.

This one is beautifully framed in a mocha black frame and can be personalized with a compass inscription. Be sure to follow the ordering instructions on the page to get the map just right for you.

And if you want something larger, there’s a special framed canvas edition that measures 40” by 28” framed (and 36” by 24” unframed) if you CLICK HERE.

The canvas, like the satin paper edition is professionally mounted on sturdy, long lasting Gatorboard.

The large satin paper edition is here: CLICK.

Make sure to follow closely the ordering instructions to customize the map as much or as little as you  like.  With some editions, you can even choose the color of your frame.

These handcrafted maps come securely packaged and handsomely wrapped.  These maps are the top of the top and get full five-star ratings.

And if that’s not enough, it includes a fun guide on how to get started with the map.



Blue Vintage Canvas World Map

Another map that is art quality and pushpin-able. If the handcrafted GeoJango map above is a little too pricey for you, this would be the best alternative.  Like the above map, this one also has different sizes to choose from, so measure your wall carefully and pick the one that’s best for your space.

There’s a 28” X 48” and a 32” X 48”.  There is even a three-panel option, but we like the all-in-one map look better.

Those who bought the map say it’s lightweight and easy to hang.  It’s also a very beautiful map printed on waterproof canvas.  The back of the map is also waterproof so that the staples holding the canvas to the frame don’t rust.  They thought of everything with this one.

The canvas is stretched and framed and ready to hang.  Its thick frame ensures its stability and gives it a stronger look.  It’s not just paper taped to the wall.

Visual Art, the company behind this map, are customer oriented and they stand behind their work.  They even offer a 30-day full refund if you’re not happy with their map, so there’s no uncertainty for you the buyer.  That and the glowing reviews should make this an easy decision.



Giant World Map (Laminated)

Obviously, size is the big selling point here, and this map can really make an impact. The picture we were allowed to put on our website doesn’t do its size justice, so make sure to CLICK HERE.

Laminated on the front, this map is about the largest you can get.  Make sure to measure your wall space so that you know you have enough from for this 78” X 48” behemoth.  This map will take over a room, in a good way, and catch everyone’s attention.

As expected with such a large map, the clarity in reading this map is amazing. Every country is a different color making it easy to distinguish even the smallest of nations.  All major towns are there and the capital cities are clearly marked as well.  The shading on the map make the mountains, hills, and other distinguished points pop right out.

Since it’s is laminated, you can use a whiteboard pen to mark it up (and later erase it with a damp cloth).  Perfect for keeping track of all your travels and dream destinations.  Also, great for educational purposes.



National Geographic Pacific Centered World Map (Laminated)

I had to include one Pacific Centered Map.  Most world maps you’ll see—at least in the U.S.—center on the Atlantic Ocean and the Americas.  I like a Pacific Centered map because it’s a more unusual view and because my world and life have mostly been centered around the Pacific, too.

This is laminated for durability, and I’m sure for marking and erasing if you so choose.  It also rivals the largest map here in terms of size.  This National Geographic map comes in at 73” X 48”.

National Geographic maps are known for their detail and accuracy.  This one looks pretty nice, too.  It has thousands of place names, all clearly marked.

As with most maps and globes, different sizes and colors are availableHere’s a smaller one (46” X 30.5”) with a blue ocean.




Best all-around is the GeoJango Pushpin World Map.  It has a variety of sizes and has a number of other options.  It’s handcrafted with care.  And besides its functionality with the pushpins, it is a thing of beauty.  Truly art meets function.


Second choice but not far behind:  The National Geographic Pacific Centered World Map. I like the size.  I like the fact that it’s Pacific Centered.  It’s also durable, accurate, and detailed.  Not necessarily an art piece, but if you go the extra mile and get it framed, I’m sure it would rival the more artsy picks on this list.


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