Best World Globes for the Home

What globe is best for you? Read on to find out.
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I’ve always wanted a globe ever since I was a kid and my uncle had one. I remember going in his room, spinning it fast, finding new places, and wondering about the world.

Looking at such cartography can be a journey in and of itself, but what are the globes for your home (or anywhere else really)?

Maps and globes also make great gifts to the traveller in your life.


Globes can be either fairly cheap or quite expensive depending on quality, materials, and other factors.  How much you spend on a globe or a map depends on what you’re looking for.  Something cheap and educational?  Or something that can be an heirloom?

You do have to pay for quality.  Really cheap can mean it’s just not stickers on a ball.

Here are some considerations when you’re looking through our Best of  list:

  • Material—The different materials made for globes can effect weight, quality, longevity, and the look of the globe.  You could also think about how well the material will fit the aesthetics of your room.
  • Size—Besides the space they take up, the size of the globe will also contribute to its cheap or extravagant impression. Remember that the larger it is, the more expensive and yet more detailed it is likely to be. (But not always.)
  • Borders—How accurate do you want your globe to be?  Some globes are more about looks and aesthetics rather than the most precisely-drawn borders.
  • Coloring—This detail is clearly a personal preference.  The two most common color schemes for maps and globes are blue oceans with colorful countries or an old world look with more browns and earth tones all around.
  • States—For those in the U.S., there’s always the question of whether to show all fifty states with distinct borders and colors.

Without further ado, here are the best maps and globes for your home or office:


MOVA Satellite View Rotating Globe

One of the coolest looking globes out there.  MOVA took a satellite view of the earth and  put it on a 6-inch globe.  For a globe, six inches isn’t all that much, but with the satellite view, you don’t really need it that big.  You’re not going to be looking at labelled cities; you’re going to be appreciating its beauty.

When exposed to natural or artificial light, the MOVA globe will rotate like the planet you’re on.  And if you really want a political map on a globe like that, MOVA offers that, too.


The satellite view is a stunning depiction of the earth that you usually don’t see in the form of a globe. The calming, amazing, and natural colors can make you stare at it for hours on end as if you were stranded on the moon longing for home.

With this globe, just like the real earth, batteries or wires are not required.  The rotation for the MOVA globe only requires light (natural or artificial are both okay).

It comes with a stand and is carefully handmade.  This globe is not really made to study the countries and cities of this planet, but rather it is an object of beauty meant to be admired as it turns gently and silently before your eyes.

The MOVA globe will rotate on a variety of surfaces, even the palm of your hand. This one comes with its own square base.

MOVA also makes globes with a variety of topographies if the satellite view isn’t your thing.  They also come in the small 4.5 inch size if you’re looking to save on your budget. This more traditional image globe is a good alternative to the satellite view.

Check all of MOVA’s options, here.



Replogle Lancaster Floor Globe

This is what I picture when I think of a globe for the home.  It’s beautiful and elegant and sure to add a classy touch to your daydreams of travel and adventure.

The globe itself is a decent 12 inches in diameter although the nearly 3 foot tall stand can fit into tight spaces. This old world style globe won’t take up a lot of floor space.

It doesn’t have wheels, but at just under 20 pounds, it’s easy to move around the room (or the house) to where you want it.  Talk about your world travels and journeys in the living room or the den.

This model has the bronze coloring that I like.  The countries and oceans are more earth tones.  The 50 states are not separated by color, but that’s also how I like it.  There is an illuminated model that you can upgrade to with a more colorful country display, if you wish.

This globe also features a brass plated meridian so that you can determine a location’s latitude.  On top of the globe is a time dial, so that you can compare time zones of different places.

The stand itself is handsome and makes the globe not just an object, but actually another cherished piece of your furniture collection. (I need to get me one of those furniture collections someday.) The dark cherry finish and carved accents will have people thinking you paid a lot more for this globe than you did.

The globe itself is made from post-consumer reclaimed paper fiber, which means you’re helping take care of the environment, but the globe is not as high quality as the illuminated model, which is made from a more sturdy vinyl material.  As I said in the intro, you get what you pay for.

Having said that, the bronze model (the one we like here) is sturdy enough and a great value for the price.



Standing Gemstone Globe with Pearl Oceans

This takes the globe to the next level in beauty.  All the countries are gemstones which make this globe literally shine.  Not just the countries, but all 50 states are represented by a separate gemstone.

Now, since gemstones can only be cut with so much precision, the accuracy of the borders suffers a little, so you’ll have to decide if you want beauty over accuracy or not.

Made with longevity in mind (in addition to its beauty), this globe is made with heavy zinc metal with a gold coating and it’s surfaced with an acrylic resin for extra protection.  This globe might not survive a meteor crash, but it will hold together well under normal circumstances.

Slightly bigger than the Lancaster, the globe is 13 inches in diameter and stands exactly 3 feet tall.

This gemstone globe was expertly handcrafted by talented artists who used more than 30 different semi-precious gemstones from all over the world.

The oceans are literally made of pearls.  Crushed pearls are pulverized and put into a mixture that is poured into a mold to make the oceans on this spectacular globe.  The procedure is much more complicated and in more need of precision than I just described it here. Just know that this globe is literally a work of art.

The stand is just as beautiful with its polished gold look.  The tripod stand is sturdy and will secure your precious globe for all time.

Curious what types of gemstones are used in this beauty?  Well, the gemstones used are lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, amethyst, African jade, tiger’s eye, jasper, turquoise, purple quartz, onyx, unakite, abalone, green marble, and many other beautifully hued and richly veined stones.

The stone intersect precisely, and even the latitude and longitude lines are thin ribbons of polished brass, embedded through the globe.  As I said, truly a work of art, this globe requires ten separate steps to construct and takes more than 2000 man hours to complete.

This is an awesome heirloom quality piece.



Elenco Edu-Toys Desktop Political Globe

This one is more for the kids, so at least you won’t have to worry about it matching the furniture.

Most of the globes labelled specifically for kids that we researched for this article were actually quite small.  This is a basic model and definitely entry price friendly.

It’s plastic, 11 inches in diameter, and has a sturdy kid-friendly construction.  And with the cheap price, what more could you want in your first globe?

The black stand makes the earth pop, as if you were looking at it from deep dark space.

There are no individual colors for states, but it has lots of place names and easy to put together.  The best basic globe around.



ZUEDA Illuminated World Globe

If you’re willing to spend a little more than the previous model, this is the best globe to get for your kids.  It’s also quite good for adults.

This 13-inch desktop globe is quite colorful and depicts all 50 states.  In addition, all borders and place names are up-to-date as of this writing.

This is the only illuminated model on our list.  It plugs in and when turned on, it displays numerous constellations.

So, not only is this globe great for learning geography, but it’s also a good tool for learning about the stars. An illustrated constellation booklet is included as well.  You’ll see more stars on this globe than you will over city skies. There are a total of 88 constellations to be observed.

As the manufacturer notes, it also works great as a night light.

The inner part made from PVC and covered in high quality color display of the world. Its materials make it a harmless and environmentally friendly object (according to its maker). The metal plated base will keep it firmly in place.

The cord connects at the South Pole, so it’s less likely to get in the way.  The inline switch makes it convenient for turning on and off.   It comes with an LED light, but down the road some time, you’ll have to replace it, so don’t lose the bulb replacement instructions that come with it.



BONUS: White Board Style Globe

Here’s all you need to know.  It’s 10 inches in diameter.  It has all the country names and borders.  It comes with 4 erasable markers (black, blue, green, red).  The rest is up to you.

A perfect toy and educational tool.


Replogle Diplomat Globe

This globe is named the Diplomat for a reason.  This is the mack daddy of all globes.  At a whopping 32 inches in diameter, it is the largest that we could find for sale.  And with over 20,000 place names, Replogle touts this as the world’s most detailed globe.

You have two color options as well, so choose wisely.  Personally, I like the blue ocean one better than the off-white one.  Usually, I like that old world look, but with this globe the blue wins out.

The stand is nothing short of excellent either.  It’s solid mahogany with walnut finish.  Nothing second rate for your handcrafted Diplomat globe. Yes, handcrafted.

This globe is so over-the-top awesome that reviewers are joking this is the perfect gift for super villains and the like. I wouldn’t disagree, but you don’t have to be a bad guy to really appreciate this globe.

Do you want to save some money and are okay with going a little smaller? Replogle’s 20-inch model is called the Statesman.  It’s a smaller size of awesome.




The best all-around globe for the money is the Replogle Lancaster.  Sure you could do better, but you’re going to be spending much more.  This one looks good and is of good quality.  Personally, I prefer a floor globe to a desk globe as well.


Runner up, especially for a more educational style globe, is the ZUEDA Illuminated World Globe. This desk globe is illuminated and allows you to explore the constellations in the heavens as well as places on the earth.  Less furniture and more of a tool.


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